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Beautiful Telemark Canvas

May 30, 2008 No Comments →

Telemark District Norway

Here’s a great panorama showing the Telemark district in Norway. The blue sky, mountains, fjord, and grass covered hillside are a beautiful sight. With the wonderful views… It’s almost hard to understand why the Vikings ever traveled from this lovely region.

A big panoramic print or canvas will truly bring the feeling of the Norse country into any home or business. What a great way to show off the beautiful area where the Vikings lived.

Prices for Telemark District Norway begin at $79, subject to change.

Art courtesy of Great Big Canvas.

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Perky Viking Woman

May 26, 2008 No Comments →

For those special occasions where you want to show your Norse heritage… How about this Perky Viking costume? It’s sure to be fun and liven things up for a sexy Viking girl!

Perky Viking. Includes: Fur trimmed dress of liquid lame’ with breast cones, spats and hat with horns. One size fits most.

Vikings Beat Columbus by 500 years T-Shirt

May 16, 2008 No Comments →

Vikings Beat Columbus by nordic_gift_shop

Those of us with a Norse heritage know that the Vikings discovered America way before Columbus.

A shirt with this design is a great way to educate other folks that the Vikings Beat Columbus by 500 years in discovering America.

You can get this design on many styles and colors of shirts… So check it out, and show your heritage!

Prices and styles for Vikings Beat Columbus vary and are subject to change.

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Huge Canvas… Icelanic Mountains and Horses

May 15, 2008 No Comments →

Iceland, Borgarfjordur, Horses standing and grazing in a meadow

Here’s a stunning image from Iceland showing a pair of horses in a green meadow with snow decorated mountains in the background. What a beautiful scene from Norse settled land!

This is a perfect Norse country image if you have space for a large piece of art. Sizes for this start at 48 inches by 16 inches and go up to a huge 36 by 108 inches. That’s 9 feet wide by 3 feet high. Wow!

So… If you have a large room or a big open space… This and other works from Great Big Canvas are perfect for showing your proud Norse heritage.

Prices for Iceland, Borgarfjordur, Horses standing and grazing in a meadow begin at $79, subject to change.

Art courtesy of Great Big Canvas.

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Viking Longboat in Lerwick Harbor

May 09, 2008 No Comments →

Lerwick Harbour by David Hodges

Check out this great print of a longboat in Lerwick Harbor, The Shetland isles. This region has a lot of Viking – Norse history as it’s the most northerly group of islands in the UK. According to history, Shetland was a wedding present from the Norwegian king to the king of Scotland in the thirteenth century.

What a perfect image to frame for a display of your Norse heritage.

Prices for Lerwick Harbour begin at $40.00, subject to change.

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Beautiful Iceland Photos and Prints

May 04, 2008 No Comments →

Here’s a gallery of photos by Katrín V. Karlsdóttir showing beautiful vistas and scenery from Iceland. The glaciers, mountains, and waters are lovely.

These great scenes are available in framed or unframed prints on your choice of papers with hundreds of framing options. To get a print of these lovely photographs, click on the picture or the link above it. Imagekind will produce a copy just for you. When checking out be sure to use coupon code museum20 for 20% off framed art! Expires 12/31/08

Imagekind Gallery Iceland
Copyright (C) 2013
Here are the photos that I think are special for Iceland. Landscape, houses, light and people. So if you want a collection of Icelandic picture, this is a good place to start.

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