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Uff da! Lutefisk sweatshirt

December 08, 2008 No Comments →

Uff da! Lutefisk Sweatshirt (dark) by Nifty Wares Shop

Lutefisk is a favorite food of Norsemen (and women). You will often hear them talking about how much they like it and using the exclamation Uff da!

A sweatshirt with this Uff da! Lutefisk design is a great way for Norwegians to show how they feel about their favorite kind of cod fish.

More t-shirts and gifts featuring this design can be found in the Uff da! Lutefisk section.

Powered by Lutefisk t-shirt

December 03, 2008 No Comments →

Powered by Lutefisk Long Sleeve Dark T-Shirt by KAOSnorway Gift Shop

We all know Norsemen (and women) who are Powered by Lutefisk! This long sleeve t-shirt proudly says so. Norwegians and those of Viking descent love their food and like to let other folks know it.

Many more t-shirt and shirt styles featuring this design can be found in the Powered by Lutefisk section.

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I Love Lefse t-shirts

November 25, 2008 No Comments →

It’s the time of year for Norse folks to enjoy their lefse! What better way to tell people about how good lefse is than with this I Love (heart) Lefse design.

Even the Norwegian dog can get into the act with a dog t-shirt. Don’t we all know dogs that love lefse? The holiday season is a great time to be a dog in a Norse family… Lots of goodies to eat! Maybe… Lefse with butter and brown sugar. Yum!

If Thor the dog gets to show how much he loves lefse… We wouldn’t want young Ole or Lena to feel left out. They can show they are true Norsemen with one of these infant creepers.

Norwegian folks love anything to do with food, and any chance to get together, such as a lefse rolling party. Oh the goodies at a lefse party… Pickled fish, hot dishes, and of course lefse!

Everyone can pitch in, showing their love of lefse with a I love lefse cap or shirt.

There are many more styles of t-shirts for anyone who has Vikings as ancestors, in the I Love lefse section.

I’m Going Viking t-shirts and gifts

October 21, 2008 No Comments →

I’m Going Viking Kids Light T-Shirt from Poptastic! I’m Going Viking

Are you or your kids of Norse descent? This I’m Going Viking design with a blond Viking riding a bike is a fun play on words and a great gift.

You can get this Biking Viking on many styles of kids and adult t-shirts suitable for anyone to wear. Have a little fun with your Norse heritage!

More items featuring this design can be found in the I’m Going Viking section.

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Norwegian Elkhounds are Priceless

July 03, 2008 No Comments →

Norwegian Elkhound Owner Lover Breeder Jr. Ringer by courtesy of Dog-Teez

Norse folk know that good dogs are priceless and this t-shirt design is perfect for expressing that.

What great dogs Norwegian Elkhounds are… Of course.. They’d have to be since they are Norwegian!

This great shirt and many others are available for dog lovers from Dog-Teez.

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Vikings Beat Columbus by 500 years T-Shirt

May 16, 2008 No Comments →

Vikings Beat Columbus by nordic_gift_shop

Those of us with a Norse heritage know that the Vikings discovered America way before Columbus.

A shirt with this design is a great way to educate other folks that the Vikings Beat Columbus by 500 years in discovering America.

You can get this design on many styles and colors of shirts… So check it out, and show your heritage!

Prices and styles for Vikings Beat Columbus vary and are subject to change.

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Jolly Pillager Norse T-Shirt

April 26, 2008 No Comments →

Want to have some fun with your Norse heritage? Wearing one of these Jolly Pillager Norse t-shirts is a great way to do it.

This great Viking design is available on many other colors and styles of shirts.

Horny Viking Baseball Shirt

April 24, 2008 No Comments →

Have fun with a Norse heritage with a T-Shirt sporting the head of a blue-eyed, blond haired Viking wearing a horned Viking Helmet. The shirt says ‘Just your average Horny Viking!’ You’re sure to attract interest when wearing this.

This Norse design is available on many other styles and colors of shirts and gifts. Check them out, they make a perfect gift for your favorite Norseman.

Everybody loves a Norwegian Girl

January 14, 2008 No Comments →

Valentine’s day is only a month away, and Everybody loves a Norwegian Girl. This shirt would make a great gift for your Norwegian girl on Valentine’s day.

More shirt styles and gifts are available with this design.

Happily Married to a Norwegian

January 06, 2008 No Comments →

Is your spouse Norwegian, or of Norwegian descent?  This t-shirt and design would be great for you to wear on Valentine’s day, to let them know how much you love them.
Happily Married To A Norwegian White T-Shirt
Happily Married To A Norwegian White T-Shirt
Price: $16.99
Exclusive Happily Married to a Norwegian gift design by Luv Letters of America. (1 of 19 Norway flag product designs.)

Many more styles of shirts are available.

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